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The Havanese is a small, affectionate breed with a friendly, easygoing temperament. They are adaptable and intelligent, making them great companions for families, seniors, and first-time dog owners. Their low-shedding coat requires regular grooming to keep it in good condition.

Full body image of a Havanese

Havanese dogs are small-sized, standing 8.5-11.5 inches tall and weighing 7-13 lbs.

energy level

Havanese have a moderate energy level, enjoying playtime and daily walks.

exercise needs

Havanese require low to moderate exercise, including short daily walks and indoor or outdoor playtime.


Havanese are intelligent, eager to please, and respond well to positive reinforcement, making training relatively easy.


Havanese are intelligent dogs with a natural curiosity and problem-solving skills.


Havanese are highly adaptable and can thrive in various living situations, including apartments and homes with yards.

with kids

Havanese are gentle, affectionate, and playful, making them excellent companions for children.

with other pets

Havanese typically get along well with other dogs and pets, especially when socialized from an early age.

in cold climates

Havanese can tolerate colder climates, but they prefer moderate temperatures and need to be protected from harsh weather conditions.

in hot climates

Havanese can tolerate warmer climates, but they should be provided with shade, water, and limited exercise during the hottest parts of the day.


Havanese have low shedding coats, making them a good option for people with allergies.


Havanese require regular grooming, including brushing every few days and occasional baths to keep their coats clean and tangle-free.

bark tendency

Havanese have average bark tendencies and may bark for various reasons, such as alerting their owners or during playtime.

health issues

Havanese are generally healthy, but regular veterinary checkups and preventative care are still necessary.