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The Maltese is a toy-sized breed known for its affectionate and easygoing nature. They are loyal companions and adapt well to various living situations, including apartments. Maltese require regular grooming to maintain their long, silky coats but have minimal shedding.

Full body image of a Maltese

Maltese are toy-sized dogs, weighing 4-7 lbs, with a height of 8-10 inches.

energy level

Maltese have a moderate energy level and enjoy short walks and indoor playtime.

exercise needs

Maltese require minimal exercise, with daily walks and playtime indoors being sufficient.


Maltese are moderately easy to train, but they may require patience and consistency.


Maltese are of average intelligence and can learn new commands with proper training.


Maltese are highly adaptable and do well in various living situations, including apartments and houses.

with kids

Maltese are generally okay with kids but are better suited for families with older children who understand how to handle small dogs gently.

with other pets

Maltese can get along well with other pets when properly socialized.

in cold climates

Maltese can tolerate some cold weather but should be protected from extreme cold with appropriate clothing and shelter.

in hot climates

Maltese can tolerate hot climates reasonably well but should always have access to shade and water.


Maltese have minimal shedding due to their long, silky coats.


Maltese require regular grooming, including daily brushing and occasional trims, to maintain their long coats.

bark tendency

Maltese have average bark tendencies and may bark for various reasons, such as alerting their owners or during playtime.

health issues

Maltese are generally healthy, but regular veterinary checkups and preventative care are still necessary.