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The Pomeranian is a small, lively, and intelligent breed known for its distinctive fluffy coat. These little dogs make great companions and are adaptable to various living situations, making them popular pets for city dwellers and families alike.

Full body image of a Pomeranian

Pomeranians are small and fluffy, weighing 3-7 lbs and standing 6-7 inches tall.

energy level

Pomeranians are active and lively, but they don't require extensive exercise.

exercise needs

A daily walk and playtime are enough to keep a Pomeranian happy and healthy.


Pomeranians are intelligent and can learn quickly, but they can be stubborn at times.


Pomeranians are smart and enjoy learning new tricks and commands.


Pomeranians adapt well to different living situations, making them suitable for city or country life.

with kids

Pomeranians can be good with kids but are better suited for families with older, gentle children.

with other pets

Pomeranians can get along with other pets, but early socialization is important.

in cold climates

Pomeranians have a thick double coat that helps them tolerate colder temperatures.

in hot climates

Pomeranians can handle some heat, but make sure to provide shade, water, and avoid overexertion.


Pomeranians shed seasonally, so regular brushing is necessary to manage their coat.


Pomeranians require regular brushing and grooming to maintain their fluffy appearance.

health issues

Pomeranians are generally healthy, but regular veterinary checkups and preventative care are still necessary.